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Choose your CD/DVD Printing Methods

Our CD/DVD duplication and CD/DVD replication provide duplicating your CD/DVD contents from blank CD/DVD media to a fully functional product for company branding.

When you order our CD/DVD duplication and replication service you are entitled to choose your own CD/DVD printing methods.There are inkjet print, offset print, thermal print and silkscreen print. Each CD/DVD printing have their own advantages and disadvantages, the differences include cost per unit, quantity of your CD/DVD duplication and printing, quality of your CD/DVD print and etc...

Using Thermal CD and DVD Printing is a single colour print mainly for printing text using heat and pressure. Thermal cd and dvd printing tend to be faster printing solution and water resistant.


What is Thermal Print?

The thermal print uses heat and pressure to decorate the disc
. The thermal printhead melts wax-based ink from a transfer ribbon onto the disc surface, leaving a scratch and water resistant image.


When to use ?

Great for simple text
Thermal transfer is perfect for printing text (size 10pt and above) directly to the disc surface.

Very fast printing
On average, the time taken to print a disc is about 10 seconds.

Tough finish
Scratch and water resistant finish, directly onto the mirrored disc surface.

Print only?
Discs can be supplied blank, but printed. Maybe you have your own duplicator or you burn 'one-offs' for distribution.

Overprint screen printed discs
It's possible to thermal overprint onto an already screen printed surface, provided a special 'thermal coating' has been layed down first.

Evaluation discs
Sample discs can be supplied for evaluation, prior to your job being run.

Cost on low volumes
The cheapest and simplest way to label your discs, but only in BLACK!

  Note: We only thermal print onto standard 12cm discs, and in black.  
  Not What You Are Looking For ?
see information about our Disc Duplication, Disc Replication, Screen Printing or Offset Printing, DVD artwork specilications and CD & DVD Packaging section for some ideas.


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