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Content services

With its practicality, and company logo printing services available, pen drive can perform more than that :

A. Data-preloaded pen drive

We can help you preload any data, such as product presentation, product catalog, company profile, briefing papers,conference papers, etc.Preloaded data can be deleted by user.

B. Data-preloaded pen drive (data cannot be deleted)

We can help you preload data which cannot be deleted by users, such as image files,product catalogs. This feature has stood a strong place in term of helping company promotion.

C. Autorun data

Pen drive user might neglect the fact that preload files were being installed, with autorun feature, user are less likely to neglect the file was being installed in the first place. Whenever user inserts pen drive into pc, preloaded data will be open “automatically? It can even automatically connect to your company’s website.

D. Autorun LOGO

When user inserts a pen drive into pc, preloaded logo will open by itself. With this function, whenever user plug in the pen drive,your company logo will pop up by itself and allow user to remember you.

E. Custom Icon

When custom icon is added, the computer no longer shows removable disk "x" default icons, instead of your company’s icon.

What is Web Key?

Web Key looks similar USB,It’s main function to is when you plugin your web key into your USB port,it will automatically connect to the internet and link to your company website,web key is not only a good friend of door gift,also an inexpensive and affordable ways to promote your company.

Custom Shaped Thumb Drive

We can affordably create a 100% custom usb flash drive design just for you. Your imagination is the only limit.

* Give us anything from a doodle to a fully spec'd 3D drawing to get started.
* We create digital renderings so realistic they look like real photos, lighting and all.
* Just about any material is fair game: plastic, metal, rubber, wood—even moving parts are welcome.

3D model
Finished USB stick

From Concept to Reality Process Flow

Concept | Development | Production

If you want to create your own custom pen drive, you only need to provide your idea ( simple sketch or images or your product sample or reference ), we have professional design team to construct your pen drive, upon your confirmation, we will proceed to full production stage.

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